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We are going on an excursion

This year’s Christmas party will lead us to our long-term business partner. KMS Automation GmbH have invited us to Schramberg-Waldmössingen.


During the day, we will be able to visit the production area and exchange ideas with some long-standing contacts.

We are very excited and really looking forward to it!


Calling all sports fans!

It’s kicking off again soon!


The date for the 3rd Copa de IMEX has been set. On 11 October 2019, it’s time to lace up those football boots once again for the start of the competition for the Challenge Cup.

Organisationally, almost everything is already up and running and the anticipation is building.

Good luck to everyone taking part!


What’s going on here?

This year’s summer festival was a big hit.
The staff and their relatives were invited and were able to see the new workplace.


A small electric bike stand with the possibility of a test ride, children’s face painting, helium balloons and a small football field provided great entertainment for young and old alike.

The Ape grill and beer tap in combination with the beverage ice buckets and the many beer table sets were so inviting that some visiting strangers even found themselves on the premises.

It’s nice that the families were able to get an idea of the new workplace!


Here we go again

Once again, the AOK company run took place in Göppingen.

And who was there for the fourth time? Us, of course – with 16 runners!


The AOK [Health Insurance Scheme] once again had a knack for choosing the perfect date. In brilliant sunshine and high temperatures, the runners were glad that most of the route passed through the forest.

It was a strong team performance! Stay tuned, because the next run is always just around the corner!


Feliz Navidad

The Christmas party was held in the new building for the first time. What a highlight!


New premises, pinboards with memories of past parties, the finest food, cocktails, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, a quiz with fun facts about the new building, the 60th anniversary of our Mexican partner, employee anniversaries (celebrating 10 years working for the company) and a live band provided the perfect conditions for a fantastic evening with the celebrations and dancing lasting long into the night.

A party that will be looked back on with joy for a long time!


Afiyet olsum

Mantı, Kısır (bulgur salad) and tomato soup based on a Turkish recipe were cooked for us this time. A delicious culinary delight from the Balkans.

Thank you to the hard-working cooking team!


Put the ball in the back of the net!

The series begins…

…the “Copa de IMEX” has been organised for the second time.


Together with colleagues from our sister company BOCAR GmbH, we played in mixed teams for the highly sought-after silver-gold trophy.

The four teams played some impressive football in front of the fans, showing great dedication and scoring many great goals (84 in total).

After the performance, there was some well-earned recuperation at the joint tea, where there was much talk about all the match highlights. Luckily, we don’t have a video referee!

Many thanks to all those involved in this event – see you next year!


Aiming high.

Together with the HR department, our trainees in the latter apprenticeship years planned a trip to the Plochingen climbing forest for the new apprentices.


During the sporting activities, everyone got to know each other and fostered a good sense of team spirit and cooperation right from the off – great preparation for their daily work at IMEX.

Welcome to the team and all the best for your training with us!


Run IMEX run!

This year we were able to bring 10 runners to the start line of the 4th AOK company run.


The best weather and summer temperatures made the isotonic drinks and the non-alcoholic beer taste particularly good after passing the finish line.

Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone who took part with the IMEX team!


A first insight…

There was a lot going on when the management were invited to the topping out ceremony.


Many business partners were in attendance, with representatives from the highest level. Nobody wanted to miss having the first glimpse of the new building.

According to Mexican custom, all those present received patterned scarves. The German and Mexican flags waved symbolically at the entrance.

After a few short speeches as well as the traditional topping out ceremony address, which included a shattered wine glass, all guests were able to help themselves to the plentiful buffet and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

An all-round successful celebration!


It’s asparagus season!

Today’s cooking team has well and truly spoilt the staff with white and green asparagus with ham and potatoes.

Mmmm delicious!



Прия́тного аппети́та…

…means “Enjoy your meal” in Russian.


Today, an international cooking team – led by Russian-Ukrainian colleagues – conjured up handmade pelmeni. There was also “Borsch” and “Kalter Hund” [hedgehog slice].